Our Story

- About Us - 

The Adrift Essentials Culture

At Adriftis we are passionate about everything ocean and coastal. Our goal is to provide our members with the best hand picked surf, coastal and sea craft products.

Our dedicated team has sourced the ultimate kit of everyday items waterman and waterwomen should consider bringing with them on their next surf trip or adventure.

If there is a product that Adriftis is not currently retailing and you think it would be epic to have, get in touch with the team and we will do our best to source and distribute them online. We are always looking for new products, if you have an items that fits the culture of Adriftis, we would love to try it out!

Along with our hand picked products, Adriftis has an essential line of surf apparel. Since 2015, we've equipped the people who want to find their own path. If you're born a pioneer, you're always living in an era of discovery.

The inspiration for our threads comes from endless days in the ocean where we draw our inspiration. You’ll find each and every Adriftis Team member with salt in their hair and sand between their toes.

 Our threads are unique and that’s the way it’s going to stay, always. We focus on small runs of seasonal designs that our team is drawn to at the time. Combining local manufacturing and quality materials, we can create affordable prices that everyone can enjoy. Once the clothes are gone, they are gone for good.