World tour surfer on choosing a board shape

At times our locals that come down to our coastal surfs spots are surprised to see the conditions are getting way better as each seasons is passes. Our surf has picked up since those choppy winters and overcasts rains. That's the season understated fact about these areas. They have these perfect times with good point breaks and onshores which make up most of the areas best surf spots. They get as high as a 5ft. At those times you better be on the look out because they bring overcast storms.

Our locals are more surf enthusiast and without a doubt could tell you more on this. When you're down here at our local portsea and phillip island area, you can ask them.
During summer there's plenty of good waves and there's plenty of notice. Which is why we're famous for the best beaches in australia.

It's so crazy how many designs and shapes make meaning to the ride and help your balance and form. Read on and watch this. This is inspiring and the storytelling and airs are so salty.

We found stab magazine with a full video on testing their own shapes. Bringing to us a overriding goal to answer the question: Is it possible to call a surfboard the best in the world?

This video is the real deal. First of any of it's kind on I've watched. A surfer was picked for identifying 12 of the world's best shapers in surfboard design. An australian by the name of justin wilson was chosen and had two coffins of full cleanskin boards sent to him. Without markings, stickers, pencil on the stringer that give out the identity of the board or the shapers. In this video we watch justin wilson shredding on all 12 boards and stacking them in his own review.

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