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I remember when I used to get super deep, draining tubes in Indonesia at 14 years old. Wait, no I don’t. That never actually happened. Dammit, my name isn’t Dean Vandewalle. I didn’t spend my youth finding the bluest of barrels the Indian Ocean has to offer. I’m not even sure I’ve gotten as many barrels in my entire life span. DEANO: INDO AZUL from Dean Vandewalle on Vimeo.

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Trestles Is Officially Saved

The Save San Onofre Coalition and the Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) announced Thursday a settlement has been reached over a decade long development project proposal that threatened Trestles, one of the most high profile waves in the world.  “We’re absolutely elated, ” said Stefanie Sekich-Quinn, Coastal Preservation Manager at the Surfrider Foundation. “After 10 years of hard work we ended up with a settlement that protects San Onofre State Beach forever, which is exactly what we wanted.” The project, initially proposed by the TCA, would have resulted in a six-lane toll road cutting through San Onofre State Beach, destroying thousands of acres of...

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Surfing Is Officially An Olympic Sport, Now What?

The sport of kings has officially become an Olympic event. There is no more should or should not, it is. Surfing will be broadcast to hundreds of millions if not billions of televisions worldwide. Surfing will make it’s Olympic debut at the 2020 Games in Tokyo. And competitors will be comprised of 20 women, and 20 men from a smattering of different countries.

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